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Meet Nat Ekblom

I was born in New York City and raised in a Finnish family between Helsinki, London and Geneva.  I am an Ashtanga Vinyasa and The Rocket® Yoga teacher. My teacher trainings have prepared me to teach both the Primary series of Ashtanga (as taught by Larry Schultz) as well as a modified, modernised and westernised version of the Ashtanga series, popularly referred to as The Rocket®.

Through many years of practice and teaching I have truly experienced the transformation that traditional Ashtanga brings to the body, mind and soul. My teaching is therefore based foremost on my own practice and the experiences I have had on my mat. I come to the class with the intention to share my practice with you and hope that you can take my cues and tips and make the practice your own journey as well. 

I have a strong connection to the spirituality behind yoga. I aim to guide my students towards being open to feelings and sensations, both emotional and physical, which may go beyond what we are used to feeling in daily life. An awareness which is vital for achieving the mind body spirit connection, and harmony in the moment, which we strive for through the practice of yoga. While my practice and teaching is becoming more traditional day by day, I am still not a strict teacher and never will be. I believe yoga needs to be fun and there needs to be an element of freedom within the structure and discipline. I also believe strongly that one adjustment cue may work for some and not others, for this reason my students should feel free to explore the pose and find their own way through their practice. I am not a very hands on teacher (although I do adjust when I feel it's right) because your practice is yours and your journey is yours to be walked. I believe in standing by and supporting the journey but not taking the steps for you. 

What can you expect from one of my classes?

1) Space to breathe and explore deeply within yourself.

2) To be "thrown into the deep end" as I aim not to demonstrate the poses as we go along to encourage you not to watch me but yourself.

3) A few laughs when I get my words mixed into no language at all or say feet instead of hands because no one is perfect in this world! :D (or when I decide to crack a joke because peoples game faces are getting too serious!)

I have generally heard that Ashtanga is "too serious". I am on a mission to prove it doesn't have to be! Come and see me to find out :)

Book a private session by going to the drop menu and finding "Let's practice!" or for a group class click on "teaching schedule" to see where I'll be and when!



"Now is the time to peel back the layers and get to know the true you."

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