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Private Sessions

In the comfort of your home...

60 - 75 minutes ------- CHF120

      (Max. 4 practitioners)

       Ashtanga Vinyasa

       The Rocket

       Yin and Restorative

       Alignment Based

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5x Package: CHF 550

10x Package: CHF 950

20x Package: CHF 1750


Yoga from a distance!

I know many people have such busy schedules and travel so often that it feels impossible to get a regular practice going. Or you live far away and we simply can't meet in person. I've decided to tackle this by introducing the chance to  practice via Skype! Get in touch to discuss further..

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What is The Rocket®?

The Rocket®, as sequenced, shared and taught by Larry Schultz (1950 – 2011), founder of It’s Yoga International, is a sequence of postures based on traditional Ashtanga. Larry studied for seven years with Shri. K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India, and upon his return to San Francisco decided to teach Ashtanga in a different way. He started off by creating a shorter sequence of traditional primary series known today as modified primary series or MPS, removing some of the more challenging poses, cutting it to a 60-75minute practice, and thereby making the practice more accessible to the general western public. Soon after, he crossed paths with the band, The Grateful Dead, and ended up touring with them as their personal yoga teacher. It was during these tours that Larry came up with three new sequences based on the primary, intermediate and advanced series of Ashtanga. He decided he didn’t want to limit the practitioners in any way, practicing traditional Ashtanga takes years of study and patience and he wanted to give even beginner practitioners the opportunity to try poses from the advanced series because, well, some of them are just fun and it’s a shame to miss them right!? This is how The Rocket® was born. Why is it called The Rocket®? Because it gets you there faster!


The Rocket® vs. Ashtanga?

Traditional Ashtanga is practiced in a set sequence and the practitioner is to progress through the poses with time and patience and only after the current pose is correct and there is comfort found in the pose can they go further to the next one. Ashtanga is split into sequences, primary series, intermediate or second series, and four advanced series. The practice always begins with sun salutations A and B, the standing sequence, the seated/floor sequence depending on the series practiced, and the closing sequence. In traditional Ashtanga there is no skipping ahead, one of the biggest lessons learned is patience.

Larry Schultz was known by Pattabhi Jois as “the bad man of Ashtanga”, and he wore the rebel label well! In It’s Yoga we honour the lineage of the practice by practicing full primary series of Ashtanga twice per week and by always remembering where the roots of the practice come from. That being said, we do go against the grain. The Rocket® is split up into three sequences, Rocket® 1, Rocket® 2, Rocket® 3 and there is no hierarchy at all, a beginner is as welcome in Rocket® 3 as 1 and 2. The three sequences always begin with 3-5 sun salutations A and B and the standing sequence. Rocket® 1 will continue to the standing balances and follow with traditional Ashtanga primary series seated poses up to the closing sequence. Rocket® 2 will skip standing balances and go to arm balances/arm strength, continuing then to the back strength and back bending sequence and finishing off with hip openers before the closing sequence. Rocket®3 is 1 and 2 put together and focusing less on holding the poses and more on the transitions between. What makes Rocket® special? It just sounds like Ashtanga right? Well it is in many ways, but the big difference is the playfulness in Rocket®. We kick up into handstands, forearm-stands, float into arm balances when we so feel, skip poses when we feel we would rather rest and jump straight back in when the time is right. Rocket® embodies the essence of Ashtanga, the same poses, the same bandhas, breathe, drishti, meditation, but adds in more freedom within the structure and over all allows beginner students to safely throw themselves into more advanced poses and perhaps experience an “aha” moment earlier in their practice that the tradition would allow!

More about me and teaching

I’ve been practicing yoga for about six years and teaching for four. I practice and teach a modified version of Ashtanga primary series as well as all three series of Rocket®. I learned the practice through It’s Yoga and only through It’s Yoga, although I take a lot of inspiration from other teachers and online platforms to deepen my knowledge and practice and thereby improve my ability to transmit this knowledge. I firmly believe in that we are never done learning, I’m as much of a student as my students, and I like to keep the space open for exploration and often learn a lot more from my students than they may realize. I believe that we are all our own teachers at the end of the day and nothing replaces a self practice, therefore I teach with the intention of transmitting the tools of the practice, so my students can go home and comfortably and safely practice in the comfort of their own home fully focused in on themselves. I believe that yoga is a meditative practice and goes far deeper than being a form of physical exercise, therefore I always want to keep my students aware of the spiritual benefits and exploration of the inner body throughout the practice. Even when we’re all going crazy in our handstands, the aim is always to find the connection to the inner body. With this connection the practice becomes effortless and simple while being deeply explorative and transformative.